Tips for Body Painting

Hello Painting friends, today I thought I would share some of my tips for body painting, for those of you who are eager to try it out.

Design Preperation:

Generally I find that the more I plan and sketch my designs before painting the better the end result will be. Using a template – an outline of the body, I try out different arrangements to see which will flow well before painting it on the body. This gives me confidence to paint quickly, as I don’t need to spend precious painting time working out the design.

Preperation tips for the Model:

I ask my models to exfoliate and moisturise well for a few days prior to being painted , this helps the paint go on nicely and will also make it easier to wash off after.

On the day of the paint, I ask my model not to wear any perfume or deoderant, as this can interfere with the makeup. I also ask that they moisturise well before the painting time to allow it to soak into the skin.

I ask them to bring old, dark clothes to wear home after the paint.

Cleaning it off

Generally I suggest the model rub baby shampoo over her dry body while standing in the shower before turning the water on as this will help to wash the makeup off.

Tools & products

Typically I use the same make up products as I do for face painting, the paint goes along way.

Brushes as per face painting and also I like to use the Mehron or Mark Reid body brush to cover large areas for the base. This differs to face painting where we use a sponge. The sponge is less efficient for bodypainting, brushes are definately the faster way to go!

I also use a fixing spray to set the paint after I have finished so that it will stand up to being worn for a few hours.


I prefer briefs with a nylon content as the pure cotton ones are harder to paint over – they absorb much more paint and end up a much lighter colour than the body painted areas.

My preference is seam -full briefs or g-strings avilable form Target, I also by strapless bras of similar material for the more modest events. Below is an image form a job I painted for last weekend. I used full brief & bra, which are hardly distinguishable from the skin. I pre-painted the underwear as I only had 3 hours to paint both bodies.

tip: to keep the underwear in place I glue the tops with pros-aid adheisive

There are plenty of nipple covers on the market. I avoid the silicone kind, as they are really thick and are very obvious even when painted over. I prefer a thin latex kind, made for body painting, or I also use a thin fabric type that I can get from Bras & things in Australia, see the image below. they paint over really well, and are inexpensive. I am sure you would be able to find similar in other countries.

Its nice to bring a dressing gown along for your model to use, and remember to look after them. Allow them breaks, encourage them to drink and eat and make sure they are warm enough.

now you’re ready to paint!

go for it and have some fun, you will only learn by trying it out.


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I look forward to hearing your comments,tips and
questions, please leave your comments below
Happy Painting!

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