In demand throughout Australia and Internationally to teach her unique style, Ambah runs workshops for 1 participant through to 50. Choose from one of the following workshops or talk to Ambah about customising a private workshop just for you or your group.
Ambah offers a wide range of Face & Body Art Workshops  for beginner to advanced.
Private workshop for 1 or more in the comfort of your home, Youth and Community groups, Store Staff Training,
or register for  Ambah’s classes she runs throughout the year.
**NEW** ebook: “Face painting with Ambah a step x step guide to 22 popular designs”- see here for more.
Contact Ambah here for more about her private workshops for 1 or groups of 2+, Choose from the workshops below or let Ambah tailer one to suit you/your group.
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TESTIMONIAL: see more below workshop descriptions.
This workshop was the most engaging one (workshop) that I have been to in the past 4 years.
It kept us interested from the very first minute, until when Ambah left us.  The excitement has continued days later and all participants are keen to continue with their learning.  This workshop was a wonderful experience for all of us, aged from 11 – 50+.  Well done Ambah.. you rock!!”
Cass Langdon
Facilitator – Youth Foundations Victoria,
Co-ordinator – Skills For Growth (April 2011)
This comprehensive class will arm you with the foundation knowledge you need to get going in face painting. Suitable for beginners or experienced painters who want to pick up all the professional tips, tricks and techniques that are the basis for beautiful and fast face painting.
The full day session covers: Products, tools, equipment – the many brands available, the differences between them and where to buy them at the best prices. Learn what you need in your basic kit with out spending heaps on products you don’t need!
Materials and practice heads provided for use in the class. Foundation techniques covered include brush and sponge to paint perfect bases, blending and beautiful lines, learn fast tricks that will “wow” the crowd and keep your line moving . Learn the most popular designs, where to find inspiration and how to create your own ideas. Also covers business, insurance, etc.
Looking for more inspiration? Suitable for graduates of the beginners workshop or experienced painters wanting to expand their repitoire. This workshop will go through the most popular designs Ambah paints at busy events. Animals, monsters, fairies, butterflies, masks
Learn boy & girl designs, scary & fairy!   A full day that will have you inspired to paint a whole lot of new faces.
SPLIT CAKE/ ONE STROKE WORKSHOP: The essential new face painting technique!
One stroke has taken the face painting world by storm! Ambah learnt from Rebecca the LA based artist behind the arty cake range, Rebecca introduced a whole new way of painting to the world with her revolutionary designs. Since then Ambah has created her own designs and uses the techniques to complement her traditional face painting skills.
In this workshop you will learn to produce beautiful designs in seconds! We begin with the foundation strokes, learning how to manipulate the flat brush and continue on to learn beautiful designs including: flowers, dragon, princesses, dolphins, eye designs, flowing rainbows and so much more. This technique is really like magic! This workshop is suitable for beginners to advanced painters.
GRAFFITI Name designs, TRIBAL style, Masks/eye designs for teens – adults. Learn effective techniques to write cool graffiti names on arms and also use these ideas and techniques in body painting. Popular for older boys and girls at face painting events. Lots of quick ideas that you can create when working are taught.   Always popular – tribal designs, learn some great designs for boys and girls and discover great ways to create free style designs of your own. Mask/eye design ideas for your older customers will also be covered in this packed day.
This popular workshop teaches many designs great for painting your older customers and can also be incorporated into children’s designs too. The techniques are also very useful for body painting. The full day includes: Painted jewellery; gems, metal, armour and more. Learn 3D shading and shadowing techniques to create realistic looking jewels.   Also lace designs for masks, necklaces and clothing.                                 Lots of shortcuts to create these impressive designs quickly – plenty of great ideas for busy events.
BODY PAINTING: A wide range of courses available for groups and individuals wanting to train in this exciting art form. Topics covered include: preparing your model, materials and products, designing and planning your time. Techniques including realistic shading, fast abstract designs, painted clothing, graffiti and more. Contact Ambah for more details about these exciting workshops.
SMALL DESIGNS: A full day class developed for fast turnover facepainting for beginners or occasional face painters (in store staff, school fetes, volunteers, community events ect) Covered is baisic set up, positioning the child, hygiene, baisic foundation techniques with sponge & brush and 8 popular small designs for boys and girls. This will enable a limited choice to be on offer for efficient and stylish facepainting in your organisation.
YOUTH & COMMUNITY GROUPS: Ambah runs youth and community group workshops for school, festivals, community groups or privately.Talk to Ambah about your group’s need to have specific workshops created to suit your event. Popular workshops include: beginners face painting, graffiti style body art (painting on arms & faces) glamour make up – masks, eye designs and more, Theatre makeup for performance. Special FX – create wounds, bruises, 3D prosthetics and more…..
Hi Ambah,
hope you are well and enjoying the season. I did the (another facepainting) workshop the other day. It was good and I learned quite a bit about marketing etc.
After the day a few of us girls discussed the workshop and what we learned and we came to the conclusion that you have been one of the best teachers we have had.
Your classes are very instrustional, and you teach technique, and help the students to learn it through your demonstrating and having each student watch and learn as you progress through your classes.
Just wanted to tell you, as we felt that even though we learned something from the workshop we just did, we felt that there wasn’t enough actual teaching involved. C xx (november 2010)
Hi Ambah
Firstly thanks for the excellent workshops.  I certainly have crammed a lot of information into the grey matter.  I found them very informative
and challenging but such a WOW factor.  Now for practice, practice, practice.
Liz. (june 2011)

Hi Ambah,
Your class on Saturday was fun and interesting. I clearly need lots and lots ofpractise. Thank you for your time. I do quite a lot of volunteer work and I found your comments useful. The information you provided last Saturday is worth it’s
weight in gold. I really look forward to my next class – thank you again. Kathy (june 2011)
Hi Ambah, Just wanted to say thank you again for giving me some valuable tips, techniques and insight into the world of Body Art and Facepainting.  I know its not something that can be learnt in a day, but it definitely helped refine my current skills and gave me new challenges to conquer.    Cheers, Kerriann
Thank you Ambah.. It was absolutely wonderful to meet you and thank you
for the most fab 2 days and body painting last night.. you are amazing 😀
hope to see you again xxBroni
Hi Ambah
I just wanted to thank you so much for a fab 3 days. I felt so comfortable
in your class and learnt so much. An extra special thank you though for
giving me the extra little push I needed to do my very first body
painting. I have always wanted to try but far to nervous to actually do
one. I was thrilled with the result and absolutely buzzing when I’d
finished. Totally hooked now and can’t wait to do the next one.
It has been an absolute pleasure meeting you Ambah. I hope you enjoyed
your time here and come back again soon.
Take care Amanda
Beautiful photos, Ambah! I loved having the chance to learn from you at
the Convention! – Marie Sulcoski
“So nice to have finally met you in Orlando! I really enjoyed your pre-day