Promoting your Face Painting Business

Happy New Year Painting Friends,

So you’re ready to take your face painting passion (obsession) to a new level and are ready to let the world know about your business. Here are some promotion ideas.

Buisness Cards: you will need some business cards with your details, online companies like Vistaprint offer great rates and options for you to use their templates or upload your own design. Print plenty of cards so you can freely give them away. TIP: some painters include removal instructions on one side of their business card as extra incentive for parents to take the cards with them.

Markets and Local Events: If you have time on your hands it is a great promotional tool to get out there and paint in your community. Painting at markets will allow people in your area see what you have to offer. Generally these are “pay per face” events where you charge the parent for each face you paint, this may not be as profitable as painting at an hourly rate, but it is a great way to get exposure on the days you don’t have bookings.

Special Offers:Promote a special offer such as upgrading a booking, you may wish to offer free balloons or extra painting time. If you are starting out and don’t feel ready to charge the going rate for your services yet you could offer a “Opening Special” with a discount of perhaps 20% to customers. You could promote these offers by an ad in the local paper, posters on local notice boards ads in local school newsletters. Vista print also have postcards available, these are great to send off to potential customers with a special offer.

Internet: What a great tool the internet is, you can do much to create free/low cost promotion here. Start a facebook page about your buisness, set up a website – even just a simple one will be great for your promotion. Find local businesses sympathetic to what you are offering and offer reciprical links – where you link to their website from yours and they return the favour.  if you are painting at markets or charity events for self promotion ask if they are willing to have a link to your website on their site.

Networking: Painting with other facepainters is great fun, and it can be very helpful to work with each other during busy events. Find local painters you connect with and work out a reciprical arrangement to help each other during busy times.

I hope there are some useful ideas there for you, I look forward to reading your promotion tips in the comments below.

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